World images

Odder, 2015
A production by

Teaterværkstedet Madam Bach

Company, Denmark, Odder
Theatre Madam Bach is an International theatre company based in Denmark making performances and art projects for children age 0 - 6.

“World Images” is theatre for children that will take audiences to a journey of discovery. From the rhythms of the city where underground trains make rails sing, to white salt desserts that dry everything up. From ants that march as the the rain drops drip, to northern lights dancing in the sky.

Through a melding of installation, sound scapes, live music, projection, and performance, “World Images”

creates for children a rich world of atmospheres and landscapes, sharing momentary glimpses of places that exist on this incredible planet we call home.

Age group: 2 – 6


Pernille Bach and Christian Schrøder