Mi fai paura? / Will you scare me?

Bologna, 2015
A production by

La Baracca ONLUS

Company, Italy, Bologna
Since 1976, La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi produces and programmes shows for children and young people.
Will you scare me? Go on, scare me!
Fear is that strong feeling that makes us shiver, scream, run, close our eyes, stiffen our muscles and that makes our hair stand on end. All of us have been scared, some time. But our greatest fear is to be afraid of “being afraid”. This is why we have fairy tales and mysterious stories. This is why we can play at scaring others, to experience that feeling with a laugh or using our imagination, to see how brave we can be, to grow up.
The game of scaring each other is really exciting: you can be a monster or a dragon, you can hide, disappear or even camouflage yourself.
In these moments, we feel deeply alive and vulnerable at the same time.

directed by: Bruno Cappagli and Enrico Montalbani
by: Bruno Cappagli and Roberto Frabetti
with: Bruno Cappagli and Giada Ciccolini