Viaggio di una nuvola / Journey of a cloud

Bologna, 2016
A production by

La Baracca ONLUS

Company, Italy, Bologna
Since 1976, La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi produces and programmes shows for children and young people.

The clouds in the sky are never still, they move swiftly and look down at us from high above. They have many shapes and colours, and they travel around the world.
A big, big world, full of different places and animals to discover together. Clouds like to travel from the country to the desert, but sometimes they stop right above your head to tell you a story.

Cloud, have you seen the world?
Yes, of course…
And… can you tell me about it?
Take my hand, close your eyes and come with me.
We’re off on a journey, perhaps it’s real, or perhaps it’s just a dream.


company: La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi
directed by: Valeria Frabetti
by: Roberto Frabetti
with: Sara Lanzi and Bruno Frabetti
lights: Giada Ciccolini
music: Matteo Balasso
other info: choreographic collaboration of Omar Meza