A bagoly, aki félt a sötetbén / The Owl Who Was Afraid in the Dark

Budapest, 2016
A production by

Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth

Company, Hungary, Budapest
Kolibri Theatre is a professional children’s and youth theatre in Hungary.

“– Hupp, you must not be afraid in the dark. Owls do not do that.
– But I do.
– Owls are night birds.
– I do not want to be a night bird. I want to be a daytime animal.
– You are what you are.
– Yes, I know. I am the one who is afraid in the dark…”

The story of the little screech-owl makes us understand how fear can be overcome by curiosity, love and knowledge.

To be scared is a natural thing for children. Fear, as other positive and negative feelings, is a part of life. Thus, it is not a problem if a child is sometimes insecure or doubtful and fantasizes about dreadful creatures and obstacles to be defeated; however it is also important to show them what they really can and must overcome, so that they understand that life is only complete with our fears.


Performed by:

Dániel Nizsai
István Mult
Bea Tisza
Set, costume, puppets: Klaudia Orosz
Composer – László Nyitrai
Video animation – Zoltán Bodnár
Production assistant – Veronika Vajdai
Directed by: Károly Szívós

Original English language book edition of The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark first published in 1968 by Egmont UK Limited, The Yellow Building, 1 Nicholas Road, London W11 4AN, United Kingdom. Copyright © The Estate of Jill Tomlinson 1968. All rights reserved.