A medve, akit Vasárnapnak hívtak / The Bear Called Sunday

Budapest, 2015
A production by

Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth

Company, Hungary, Budapest
Kolibri Theatre is a professional children’s and youth theatre in Hungary.

Alex has a teddy bear called Sunday. Checked ears, soft paws, he keeps staring gently with his button eyes – even if he sits on a toy train, or when he listens to a fairy tale, or even when his head is get compressed into tomato sauce. But what does the bear think about while he is hanging on the clothes line in the bathroom? Does it hurt if he is manhandled, is he glad to be hugged? Is there anything behind those brightly shining button eyes? Alex is very keen to find all these answers out… but one morning strange things happen: the little boy wakes up in a toy store instead of his own room. There are similar boys and girls around him on the shelves. The salesman is an old teddy bear, and all the costumers are bears as well. Since the store is in the “Bear Republic” the bear parents buy the children as toys for their cubs. Soon Alex is selected by a papa bear, who takes him home to his son – a bear cub who is called Sunday…


Written by: Axel Hacke
Performed by: Rita Alexics, Dániel Fehér. Dániel Nizsai, Szabolcs Ruszina
Adapted to stage: Dóra Gimesi and Orsolya Nagy
Scenery: Ákos Mátravölgyi
Music: János Novák
Choreographer: András Fosztó
Director: Ágnes Kuthy