Charleroi, 2018
A production by

Théâtre de La Guimbarde

Company, Belgium, Charleroi
Théâtre de la Guimbarde was established in Charleroi in 1973.

Taama – “journey” in the Dioula language – brings together a Burkinabe singer and a Breton violinist in a colourful world that combines traditional nursery rhymes and classical melodies.
In exile, the singer sought a haven of peace where she could put her small and large belongings to rebuild her nest. In her bags, she carried the instruments that remind her of the sounds and songs of her country. So many treasures that make up its wealth. He welcomes her and accompanies her on this musical path, like a nursery rhyme that reassures her, as a benevolent and complicit presence.
Through the idea of travel, the show is a metaphor for the child who, separated from his mother, is confronted daily with the unknown.


Mise en scène: Gaëtane Reginster
with: Aïda Dao (chant) et Benoit leseure (musique)
Collaboration in Burkina Faso: Alain Hema
Scenes: Laurence Grosfils et Yves Hanosset
Costumes: Marie-Ghislaine Losseau