Sweet & Swing

Charleroi, 2015
A production by

Théâtre de La Guimbarde

Company, Belgium, Charleroi
Théâtre de la Guimbarde was established in Charleroi in 1973.

Collective creation Théâtre de la Guimbarde. On an original idea of Véronique Morel-Odjomah.

« Character full of  humor, poesy, fantasy, Miss Lilly goes back home with a lot of stuff.

Compulsive personality and a little retro, she organizes her life like an orchestrion.

She planifies everything, even the meal for the children but the objects around her decide another way… »




Director: Gaëtane Reginster et Pierre Lambotte
With: Véronique Morel-Odjomah or Zoé Kovacs
Set, light: Vincent Stevens, Boris Vandenbosch
Costume: Elyse Galiano
Work of movement: Milton Paulo
Composer: Olivier Bilquin