Alter-Mann-Kojote erschafft die Welt / Old-Man-Coyote creates the world

Hamm, 2015
A production by

Helios Theatre

Company, Germany, Hamm
HELIOS Theater is a Children's and Youth Theater situated in Hamm/Germany.

In the beginning of the world, the Earth was covered in water. But living beings did exist. They dwelled high above the rainbow. There was a great pushing and shoving, and the animal said: It’s too crowded for us here, we need more space.

After everything had been created, after the Earth had become solid and lights had appeared in the sky, the Coyote convened a meeting to discuss the creation of humans. The animals came together in a forest clearing…

Native American myths tell the beginnings of the world in a language of striking imageries. Children and adults alike ask many questions about the origins of life.

“Old Man Coyote” is a humorous tale about the creation of the world.


Narrator: Helena Aljona Kühn
Director: Barbara Kölling
Assistant: Leonie Raulf