Mi újság? / What’s the news?

Budapest, 2016
A production by

Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth

Company, Hungary, Budapest
Kolibri Theatre is a professional children’s and youth theatre in Hungary.

Blank paper or newspaper is good to draw on, to color and to paint. In old times people used to write letters, poems and entire novels on paper. Today many newspapers, magazines and books are printed on paper, but you can also fold human or animal figures from paper, cut out paper lace, or make paper airplanes or paper hats. Easy-to-use party plates and cups, napkins and tissue are made from paper, and it can also be shaped into a crumpled ball. If you rustle it, it becomes a music instrument, if you join a whistle to it, it sounds like a paper trumpet. In theatre, paper may be transformed into just about anything you like. Paper inspires play, and it brings your imagination to life.


Created and performed by: Bea Tisza, Szabolcs Ruszina
Designer: Klaudia Orosz
Music consultants: János Novák and Szilveszter Bornai
Creators’ assistant: Veronika Vajdai