La un metru de tine / One metre away from you

Bucharest, 2017
A production by

Teatrul Ion Creanga

Company, Romania, Bucharest
Ion Creangă Theatre is a professional theatre company founded in 1965.

Who is small? Who is big?
What is small? What is big?
This is a story of two stories.

Two people meet and their stories unfold. As they spend time together and as they start, minute by minute, to relate to each other, guided by their instinct, they begin transforming the space and their own points of view.
Everyone can make up their own story, just by improvising. One can write it with a glance, or with a gesture, and if it’s written with passion the story will leave a trace.
This show without words lets the poetry of movement shine through, and the versatile space that is changing in front of the audience mesmerizes every single one, from the tiny to the gigantic.


Script by Andrea Buzzetti
Directed by Andrea Buzzetti, La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi Theatre (Italy)
Choreography by Andra Burcă
Assistant director Magda Coroiu
Cast Andra Mirescu / Mădălina Dorobanțu, Alex Ștefănescu / Tudor Morar