Kreise / Circles

Hamm, 2016
A production by

Helios Theatre

Company, Germany, Hamm
HELIOS Theater is a Children's and Youth Theater situated in Hamm/Germany.

The circle of life, the circle of friends, the family circle, the surroundings. The course of the seasons. The planetary system… Everything is running in circles. Everything has a sound.
A stone is swinging over a blue surface. A planet above the water? The earth in the universe? A pendulum? The course of time? Or just a swinging stone? A bucket is swinging and loosing sand. It moves in circles and paints a spiral on the blue ground. Animals appear, people join in, a world evolves, stories begin…
“CIRCLES” is a meditation on the big questions for 60 spectators, two performers, a stone, a bucket of sand, puppets and music.

Starting point for the artistic work was the idea to hang a stone above the playground and explore this installation concerning its potentialities.
Which images come up in the head of an observer if the stone is just hanging, if it shuttles or circuits, if more stones come along…
The stones started to ‚narrate’, about gravity, planets, orbits, the universe and about the small earth in an endless space. So the stones provided the departure of our artistic research.
Following, we developed a sequence of actions and images about the beginning of everything, the planet covered with water, sand arriving and making the first islands. From the first animals and humans populating these islands, the focus goes on to mirroring the spectators who are invited to add their own stories by playing on this (stage) planet that was created before their eyes.
‘CIRCLES’ narrates about the creation of world(s) without using any words. Through consciously selected and operated materials, specifically composed music, and a special concept of time, the show evokes images in the minds of the spectators and finally encourages them to share them with the others.


Performer: Michael Lurse or Marko Werner
Supporter: Jan Leschinski
Music: Jan Leschinski
Idea: Michael Lurse
Direction: Marko Werner and Michael Lurse
Design: Michael Lurse
Puppets: Ensemble