Frö / Seed

Stockholm, 2016
A production by

Teater Tre

Company, Sweden, Stockholm
Teater Tre is a mime based theatre based in 1979, whose mission is to make quality theatre for children and youth.

Three performers plant a seed in the soil, sowing a story about the cycle of nature and life. In a performance filled with curiosity and wonder, Frö invites you to witness the fascinating process of growth. Follow the journey of this tiny seed as the seasons whimsically pass by and nature comes to life right in front of your eyes.


Concept Sara Myrberg
Direction Anna Svensson Kundromichalis
Performers Christian Arnold, Anna Svensson Kundromichalis, Nelly Zagor
Choreography Jimmy Meurling
Set up and costume design Ylva Sanner
Music and sound Love Kjellsson
Light design Magnus Pettersson
Dramaturgy Lena Nylén
Make up and hair Helena Bernström