De-a Micul Prinț / I will be the Little Prince

Bucharest, 2015
A production by

Teatrul Ion Creanga

Company, Romania, Bucharest
Ion Creangă Theatre is a professional theatre company founded in 1965.

Director Ioana Petre embarks on a very serious exploration journey of the famous text, in her desire to create a way of maintaining its philosophical meaning while addressing a young audience: children ages 4 to 6, who have just started travelling from one planet to another. The entire team will research and play, ask questions and create labyrinths, as the stage transforms into a playground. Accompanied by the sound of the live guitar, The Little Prince will go on a journey, seeking new friends. One after another, the King, the Vain man, the Businessman, the Geographer, the Snake and the Fox will tell the story of the planets they call home.


by Ioana Petre, on The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
directed by Ioana Petre
stage design and costumes Doina Pop
music by Paula Gherghe
psychologist consultant Carmen Anghelescu
with Carmen Palcu Adam / Julieana Drăghici, Ruxandra Coman / Andreea Gaica
George Popescu - guitar