Călătorii prin galaxii / Traveling through galaxies

Bucharest, 2018
A production by

Teatrul Ion Creanga

Company, Romania, Bucharest
Ion Creangă Theatre is a professional theatre company founded in 1965.

We know that the Sun is the star around our planet, and the moon is an astronomical body that revolves around the Earth. But what do the Sun and the Moon know about the other planets? You can find out with us in an adventure through the universe!

Travels through the Galaxy reveals to small explorers the voice and personality of the Solar System planets, who could save the Earth if it threatened a meteor, which planets would host an intergalactic astronaut or who plays Saturn chess.


scenes Anca Zamfirescu
directed by Alexandrina Halic
design and video Andrei Răduţ
costumes Roxana Dumitrache
movement Pastor Ionescu
original music by Radu Mihalache
lyrics Victor Mihalache
with Anca Zamfirescu, Alexandrina Halic, Andra Mirescu, Ioana Ginghina