Bogyó és Babóca / Berry and Dolly

Budapest, 2018
A production by

Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth

Company, Hungary, Budapest
Kolibri Theatre is a professional children’s and youth theatre in Hungary.

Based on the best-selling books of Erika Bartos, the story of Berry, the Snail and his friend, Dolly the Ladybird is adapted for the stage of Kolibri Fészek (Nest) by Orsolya Nagy. Besides the two protagonists the performance suitable for children aged 3-6 features various other members of the forest’s mini-universe, including a stag-beetle, a grasshopper, a potato-beetle, a dragonfly and many others. The young audience can follow the exciting adventures of Berry and Dolly through four seasons – laughing and sympathizing with them as if they were their preschool mates.


Performed by: Kármen Rácz, Szabolcs Ruszina
Musician: István Bata
Designer: Judit Wunder
Composer, lyrics: István Bata
Production assistant: Veronika Vajdai
Directed by: Marcella Andrusko