Bildergeschichten / Picture stories

Salzburg, 2015
A production by

Toihaus Theater

Company, Austria, Salzburg
Toihaus Theater was founded in 1984 and is located in the centre of Salzburg.

Individual education plan for non-hearing and hearing kids from 3-6 years

A cooperation by Toihaus Tehater Salzburg & Theaterkompagnie Les Singuliers Associés – Limoges/France

Non-hearing and hearing audiences dive into a mutual experience, accessible for all.

An actor and an actress take us with them onto a fantastic journey through the world of picture books. Through sign-language, voice, gestures and play they give life to the written stories and images. The lecture takes place bilingually – with sign-language and spoken word.

In 2013 the french original version received the Guy Crescent prize of the Fondations GEODIS as well as 2012 the “ENTRE LES LIGNES” prize by the Fondation SNCF. Together with Toihaus Theater Salzburg a new version in german is now being developed.


Concept/direction: Philippe Demoulin

Actors: Werner Mössler (non-hearing), Susanne Lipinski (hearing)

Fotocredits: Ela Grieshaber/Toihaus Theater

Duration: 30min.