Bi se gnetli na tej metli? / Room on the broom

Ljubljana, 2016
A production by

LGL - Lutkovno Gledalisce Ljubljana

Company, Slovenia, Ljubljana
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is the main Slovene theatre for puppet production for children and youth.

Room on the Broom is yet another hit, written by Scottish writer Julia Donaldson, who is an old acquaintance of Puppet Theatre, and her loyal collaborator – German illustrator -, Axel Scheffler. They are also the authors of the famous picture book The Gruffalo and its no less popular sequel The Gruffalo’s Child.
The new adventure depicts once again the encounter with the world of animals, only this time the town of the dreadful Gruffalo is taken by anything but an evil Witch and by a far more dangerous and ravenously hungry Dragon. The Witch with bristling hair and her Cat are travelling together on a broom. Due to their high speed (or is it the Cat’s teasing?) the Witch loses her hat, so she lands on the ground and starts looking for it everywhere. With every lost object she finds herself not only faced with quite a range of tests but also helped by some new friends, who manage to find her lost things by coincidence, so she rewards them with “a ride” on her broom. Not everyone in this world is capable of flying; therefore they are all very happy to do it, except for the Cat, of course. To make everything a bit more complicated suddenly the dreadful Dragon pops up out of nowhere, which is not accidental at all, and when he is about to attack the good old Witch, a Sticky Creature turns up as well.


Director: Jaka Ivanc
Author: Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler
Translation and Adaption: Milan Dekleva
Music: Davor Herceg
Dramaturgy: Andrej Jaklič
Art Design: Natan Esku
Scenographers: Jaka Ivanc, Barbara Stupica, Žiga Lebar, Zoran Srdić