Aufbruch / Taking off

Salzburg, 2014
A production by

Toihaus Theater

Company, Austria, Salzburg
Toihaus Theater was founded in 1984 and is located in the centre of Salzburg.

Theatre with dance and live music for children (1,5-5 years)

A little girl is standing at the waterside. She folds a paper boat. After finishing it, she places it on the waves – loaded and linked with her strongest desire.

The boat takes her wish carefully, departs and leaves the girl that is waiting eagerly for its return. Seemingly for an eternity.

Finally the boat suddenly returns, together with a big surprise …

It’s a wonderful simple, but very profound story about the nature of wishing and wishes. Poetic and lyric, with a scenery of real waves, our dancer and musician restage the story soulfully for our youngest audience.


Creative Team
Dance: Pascale Staudenbauer
Music and Composition: Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger
Directed by: Myrto Dimitriadou
Costume and Stage Designer: Irene Edenhofer-Welzl
Lighting Designer and Technician: Alexander Breitner
Choreographic Advisor: Katharina Schrott
Fotocredits: Ela Grieshaber