Akvarij / Aquarium

Ljubljana, 2017
A production by

LGL - Lutkovno Gledalisce Ljubljana

Company, Slovenia, Ljubljana
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is the main Slovene theatre for puppet production for children and youth.

In the beginning there is nothing. Like an empty piece of paper, just a moment before it is touched by a pencil or a crayon. And everything is still possible. Then comes a cracking sound and an egg suddenly hatches out of the mist – a tiny little creature, yearning for a cosy home, friends, adventures and the whole colourful World …
Using a simple language of science this aquatic adventure presents a story about travelling, meeting and leave-taking. The concept of open staging encourages children’s individual reflection and creative interpretation. This playful devising, spiced up with a pinch of chemical laboratory, attempts to explain to the youngest viewers that idea is the most precious seed of development, that courage and perseverance are important and that friendship is based on actions and lives in our hearts. And acquaint them at the same time with science at the level of practical experiment, establishing picturesque spaces of an unusual natural science adventure with an ecological dimension.


Director: Miha Golob
Author: Miha Golob
As part of the project Small Size: Wide Eyes
Dramaturgy: Mojca Redjko
Visual Design: Miha Golob
Cast: Miha Arh and Gašper Malnar
Set Design: Larisa Kazić
Music: Miha Arh