Lučka, grah in pero / A Little Lamp, Pea and Feather

Ljubljana, 2015
A production by

LGL - Lutkovno Gledalisce Ljubljana

Company, Slovenia, Ljubljana
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is the main Slovene theatre for puppet production for children and youth.

Little Lamp, Pea and a Feather is a performance designed for the youngest viewers, who have to be at least one year old. It was inspired by The Princess and the Pea that was first published with the other famous fairy tales, written by Hans Christian Andersen, 180 years ago. This subtle performance for the youngest theatregoers most certainly offers a perfect first experience to the newcomers to the magic world of theatre as well. Little Lamp, Pea and a Feather is an exceptionally visual and sonic play, performed almost without words. The three performers, uttering but a few interjections, are mainly focused on singing, playing musical instruments and animating objects and puppets.

Although not all toddlers have developed their rational and emotional aspects of perception equally, they will still benefit from this performance. Its visual images are conceived based on the expert discovery in the field of babies’ and toddlers’ visual perception. And it is exactly for this reason that its performers are using vivid and bright colours, picturesque images, large colour surfaces and geometric shapes. Music and songs play a very important role in this performance as well.

While theatre for babies is still a novelty in Slovenia, it is already well established and accepted in the international arena. Since it is designed for children aged 1+, it mostly arouses enthusiasm, although it sometimes tends to provoke some scepticism as well. This theatre form, which already firmly established itself in the Scandinavian countries, has lately developed throughout Europe as well.

We called this performance »a puppet rockaby«. All the music, composed for this show, is based on the lullaby melodies. Puppets and object can indeed rock us to sleep. The lullabies, containing people’s thousand year old recipes and wisdoms, are drawing a gentle line between wakefulness and sleep.


Director: Katja Povše
Author: Katja Povše
Visual design: Špela Trobec
Performers: Miha Arh, Maja Kunšič, Zvezdana Novaković a. g. (harp)
Music: Zvezdana Novaković
Costume design: Iztok Hrga
Lighting design: Kristjan Vidner
Sound design: Izidor Kozelj