Helios Theatre

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HELIOS Theater is a Children's and Youth Theater situated in Hamm/Germany.


HELIOS Theater was founded in Cologne in 1989, moving in 1997 to the city of Hamm. In 2004 it moved to the Kulturbahnhof Hamm – a place that had been reconstructed especially for that purpose.

The company is headed by Barbara Kölling and Michael Lurse who imprint the work of the theatre since its founding. In close co-operation with actors, puppeteers and musicians they develop challenging theatre performances for all age groups. The artistic process often starts from the material itself, a certain subject or tale.

The company developed performances for the very young, such as “WOODBEAT”, “H2O” and “Traces”. HELIOS productions are regularly invited to theatre festivals in Germany and throughout Europe.

Furthermore, HELIOS fosters theatre for the very young through research and exchange, e.g. within the Small size network, where the company has been an active partner since 2007. In the current project HELIOS is responsible for the “Artistic Directors’ Meetings”.

HELIOS Theater also organizes the biennale festival for young audience “hellwach” and regularly hosts conferences and symposia dealing with current questions in theatre for children and young people.

The Theatre received many awards for its work. In 2009 the German ASSITEJ Award for its artistic and conceptual approach.

Contact information

Barbara Kölling,
phone number: +49 2381 926837 ,
fax: +49 2381 926838

Willy-Brandt-Platz 1d
59065 Hamm

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