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Teatriukas is a professional actors troupe founded on 1998


Teatriukas is a professional actors troupe founded on 1998, creating and organizing theatre performances, educational activities, festivals and entertainment events for children over all Lithuania and abroad.
The theatre is made up of three actors - Dalia Mikoliūnaitė, Žilvinas Ramanauskas, Arturas Varnas. All of them have graduated from Vilnius University, where they studied in the specialized actors-philologist program. From 2004, Teatriukas is a member of ASSITEJ Lithuania.
Teatriukas has created performances, concerts for children, a special musical program for adult spectators, and several unique specialized events, thought for theatre education situations (theatre summer camps, projects for libraries and etc.).
Teatriukas is a group of creative people. We like to find, develop, use new spaces for events for children (parks, libraries, hospitals as well as theatres). Our values are creativity, flexibility and non formal communication.

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Dalia Mikoliunaite,
phone number: +37068604303,

Drasiai 5

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