Teatr Malego Widza

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Founded in 2011, TMW is a venue with a very intimate, magical and familiar atmosphere, where parents can share a special moment with their children. We take our audience into a colourful and stimulating environment where simple stories are told in a sensory and visual way. Main TMW’s idea is to stir the emotions, stimulate the imagination, support children’s musicality and, most of all, entertain.
Each day of the week children from crèches, kindergartens and elementary schools take part in our shows and workshops. We collaborate with foundations working for children with intellectual disabilities and socially excluded.
Each of our shows is very interactive, children can feel free to express emotions and to comment on what is happening on the stage. After every performance we invite them to a common creative play.
We also realize a lot of family concerts, showing various music genres and instruments from all around the world. We stimulate children to express their musical sensivity by listening, dancing and singing.

The performances of the TMW want to talk to children using their language, not in a childish and put on way, but sincerely. This is the sincerity of the theatre that does not serve the fame of artists. In this theatre actors really experience what they do, looking for a special form of communication, and understanding that sense is to come into communication. Here the actor still struggles to get the attention of a little spectator, to reach an agreement. We belive the language of the theatre is nothing but a tool to reach the sensitivity of a little audience. It is an important meeting.

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Dominika Lenart,
phone number: +48 512 622 215,

Jezuicka 4
00001 Warsaw

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