Samta Shikhar

Person, India, Bangalore

Indipendent artist based in Bangalore.


My theatre work in a Montessori School over the last 7 years has been enriched with the Montessori philosophy and has led to interesting explorations. A toddler theatre workshop was organized in 2012 by Ranga Shankara (Bangalore) and Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore which I attended and was encouraged as an actor and a theatre practioner to create theatre performances for toddlers. With my first play Bends and Flows, I experienced the creative thrill of making work for such a young audience and performing as an actor to that age. The way this play was received by toddlers and their parents only strengthen my belief in it.
The main focus of the work is to create plays for toddlers and create a theatre audience in India from that age of 0 to 3. To make plays that reach out to the toddler and the parent. The other activities is to do sensorial workshops for the children and create a space where they can explore through a material at one time and experience the materiality of the material giving the child a complete sensorial enrichment .I encourage parent and child in the sessions and try to keep this workshop as an intimate experience for the child that he can share with his parent in the session itself which gives me a great feedback of what he or she has received. This also becomes a space of my research as this “play: triggers ideas and thoughts to create work for them to receive.
Also I do workshops for early years teachers to enable them to a creative perspective and a creative way to their curriculum.

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