Rialles / LaSala Miguel Hernández

Organization, Spain, Sabadell (Barcelona)


LaSala Miguel Hernández is a theatrical unit dedicated exclusively to children, with a program that is a firm stake on the most innovative theatre, open to all Genders and all disciplines.
This ambitious project is an initiative from Sabadell Town Council and the Grup Rialles, with the support of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries (ICIC), the Ministry of Social Action and Citizenship of the government of Catalonia, the National Institute of Scenic Arts and Music of the Ministry of Culture and the “LA CAIXA” social welfare project.
LASALA considers three lines of action.
The first, a stable weekend programme aimed at the family audience, with music, dance and other kinds of shows.
The second the School at the Theatre, is an initiative of LASALA, which includes the Ciclebressol, a cycle with a programme aimed at nursery schools, parents, children and teachers specialised in infants education, and the third is another cycle for primary and secondary schools, with a kind of programme aimed more at infant, primary and secondary education in the region.
Finally, as a production centre, LASALA also puts on two of its own or joint productions every season.

Contact information

Núria Brugués,

Ronda de la Roureda, 24
08207 Sabadell (Barcelona)

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