Drammatico Vegetale/Ravenna Teatro

Company, Italy, Ravenna

Theatre, arts and culture for all ages, including early years.


For more than 30 years, this historical children's theatre company – founded by Pietro Fenati with Elvira Mascanzoni and Ezio Antonelli and organised by William Rossano and Sara Maioli – has been producing theatre works and interactive installations through a distinctive interweaving of artistic languages. Their puppet shows and interactive multi-sensorial exhibitions for an encounter between art and early childhood are among the most interesting works on the European scene, centred around the experiential factor of the little spectators-enjoyers. Use and refinement of the senses, the narrated and evocative word, fun learning: these make every production a living and necessary subject that cries out for participation. The Company directs and organises numerous child-oriented theatre events and festivals. A project worth mentioning, since it is in harmony with Small Size, is "Artebebè", a province-wide project of theatre, art and culture for early childhood which couples artistic quality with educational, social and recreational value. Artebebè came into being in 2009 with the aim of creating new forms of socialisation for infants and their families through encounters with the languages of theatre, music and the plastic and figurative arts. The project immediately became, to all effects, part of the Provincial Administration’s plan for promotion of its policies: safeguarding and accommodating infancy and adolescence, and therefore providing parenting support.

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William Rossano,

Ravenna Teatro, Teatro Rasi, via di Roma n.39
48121 Ravenna

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