Branko Mihaljevic Children's Theatre

Company, Croatia, Osijek


"Branko Mihaljevic" theater for children is the only professional theater for children in Eastern Croatia, active since 1950. Performances of the theater are adapted exclusively for children, both esthetically and in content. During its history, the theater has been especially keen on working with the youngest generations and for the youngest generations through performances and other program activities, and it also plans to dedicate to organization of programs for children of up to 6 years of age in the future. This type of work with the youngest children has been nurtured through ourworkshops, our dance school and through the very selection of our performances, with a scheduling policy of performances for children aged 1.5-3 years having been established in the theater season 2012/2013. Apart from performances for children and puppetry performances, thetheater has developed and nourished the functioning of a ballet school and a drama school for children. Today it represents one of the leading theaters of its kind in Croatia, and its artistic accomplishments have long since became known outside of its native Osijek.

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Trg bana Josipa Jelacica 19
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