Compagnia TPO - Associazione Teatro di Piazza o d'Occasione

Company, Italy, Prato

Visual, emotional and immersive theatre and dance for children.


The TPO Company creates “sensitive environments”, interactive works involving dance and theatre; conceived as “immersive” spaces, they are ideal places to explore poetics based on the relationship between body, sound and images. During the shows the audience of children or adults is invited to investigate the stage space; here they can move, run, play, touch or even roll over the images suggesting natural landscapes or places of art. The space, in turn, reacts to the whole movement of the body; for instance, the pressure of feet creates the sensation that weight can direct the gaze. Our performers are “silent guides” who, through their nonverbal communication, help the audience get over any embarassment tied to active participation. The performers allow themselves to be surprised by the stimuli created by the stage setup; they play with the sounds and images, arousing the children’s spur-of-themoment curiosity and complicity. Therefore it is the sharing of the stage space that makes the use of technology interesting. Experiencing together a pleasing “dynamic theatrical environment,” well-suited to play and fun, involves the viewers’ emotions even beyond any technical or technological aspect. The use of advanced interactive technologies assumes an educational value because it amplifies the whole body’s creative and perceptive capabilities. The stage sensors and the other interactive applications are hidden on purpose, but this is not to exalt their effects. Rather our aim is to introduce the audience into the world of, especially contemporary,arts.

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Chiara Saponari,,

Teatro Fabbrichino - Via Targetti 10/8
59100 Prato

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