Compagnia Il Melarancio

Company, Italy, Bernezzo (Cuneo)

Il Melarancio produces shows for different age groups, specialising in young audiences, and programmes theatre performances and other events.


Compagnia Il Melarancio was founded in 1982 and carries out its activities mainly in the field of theater for children, combining actor theatre with the languages of puppetry and dance theater. The company's poetic combines multiple forms of expression, and is mirrored in a production process that processes the dramaturgy directly on stage, through research and experimentation.
The original focus on puppetry remains a major stylistic sign for all shows (whether the staging involves the use of puppets and figures, or it is predominantly based on actor interpretation), and it applies to the use of unconventional objects on stage and in the transformation of scenic elements, not thought to rebuild a realistic environment, but to build through the dynamic relationship with the audience a symbolic and evocative value.

Contact information

Tiziana Ferro,,
phone number: +39 0171 699971,

via Umberto I, 17
12010 Bernezzo (Cuneo)

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