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Singapore’s leading Arts company for the young, ACT 3 International continues to build on the pioneering efforts started 30 years ago in 1984 as ‘ACT 3’ - a Children’s Theatre company - by co-founder Ruby Lim-Yang. Then, ACT 3 International was set up in 1994 with the intention of furthering its vision beyond the Singapore shores to touch the lives of the young through the Arts, not just as audiences but in the creative process as well. Today, it works in both private and public sectors in a variety of Arts-based initiatives that have transcended theatre and moved into aspects where the Arts is juxtaposed with the environment, heritage and culture to form a holistic creative environment for a valuable experience of learning through the Arts for the young.
We work with children directly in all our programmes. On the educational front, our programmes comprise small workshops to sustained programmes, are both process and product driven depending on the intention of the programmes. For shows, we have trained adult professionals who are teachers, actors, or both who perform in our works. Our work are a combination of original, adapted, heritage/culture based, educational and experience based. We perform in theatre, in schools, in community spaces like libraries and museum galleries. At the core of our work is the child who’s learning journey guides and informs us with what we do, say, show.

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Ruby Lim-Yang,,
phone number: +65 6735 9986,
fax: +656 736 1196

229707 Singapore

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