Teater Tre

Company, Sweden, Stockholm

Teater Tre is a mime based theatre based in 1979, whose mission is to make quality theatre for children and youth.


Teater Tre is one of the most active and beloved theatre groups in Sweden and we perform over 300 shows yearly all over Sweden and in Stockholm. We perform for all ages with emphasis on children, on tour and on our home stage in Stockholm. TEATER TRE was formed in 1979 and began as mime based, visual theatre that included text, movement and music. We have traveled the world with our performances; Australia, USA, Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Japan, Cameroon, Egypt and many more. We have for over 30 years been developing and sharpening our significant performing arts.

Our aim is to create qualitative, relevant performing arts for, by and with children and young adults. We have a big competence within mime based and visual performance art. Teater Tre’s significance is the theatre experience, for everyone between six months and eighteen years. Our main goal is to reach all children by touring on both the national and international scenes. Through our tours we can reach a wide audience independent on ethnic and cultural backgrounds, class, gender and geographical differences. Our artistic work is sprung out of a non-text based performing art, which speaks to everyone. An important part of our daily work is to keep the intercultural perspective. Teater Tre is developing a pedagogical platform that immerses and widens our artistic process. We are aiming to approach research within children's culture, art, artistic experiences and the young individual’s creative process.

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Sara Myrberg,
phone number: +46(0)86690060,

Rosenlundsgatan 12
11823 Stockholm

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