Project Activities

The Joint Activities can give more and more value to the aspects regarding co-production and cooperation: being open to new collaborations, aware of the new and interesting suggestions the experience of our “neighbours” can give us and being willing to share knowledge.
Besides these, there are all the “behind the scenes” activities through which the shared management of the network is carried out: open and direct debate is encouraged and the whole project is documented and promoted: common meetings, Mobilities for training and exchange, Website and social media, Documentation and dissemination.

Partner Activities

Partner Activities are the “cornerstones” of Small size, performing arts for early years, on which the development of the project is based: festivals, showcases, production, co-productions, research and training activities.

What the project does

Annual Books
Production of two Annual Books containing a report about the activities carried out and a presentation of aspects of special interest.
Artistic Directors Meetings
An occasion of theoretical reflection among the artistic directors of the partners.
Mentoring and collaboration
Collaboration projects at a national, European or extra-European level.
Quality Commission
An evaluation tool to ensure that "Small size" brand is significant in terms of artistic quality and research.
Small size Days
Space and time for early years: shows, workshops, conferences, installations for children from 0 to 6 years.
Wide Eyes
A co-production project that will bring to the creation of 15 new productions originating from the image of chidren's eyes, wide open to the world.

What the partner do

The “exchange stations”, the key meeting point, the places for sharing and interacting for artists and professionals from all over the world.
Research and Training
Activities that involve different audiences, allowing performing arts to reach them on a different level
The showcases allow children to experience theatre with continuity from their earliest years.